Fools of Paradise

There’s nothing like the announcing of a high school reunion to kick up old memories. But when Jessica Atkins realizes that she has no memory of her high school years she is haunted by nightmares that drive her back to Ohio to try to uncover those lost memories and discover why she lost them. It’s a decision she soon regrets.

When she arrives in Burmont a town nestled in the rolling foothills of Southeast Ohio, she finds that she is not welcome. And one of the most resistant to her being their is one of her dearest friends from high school, now a belligerent drunk and suspect behind a string of disappearances.

Despite the people of Burmont’s resistance, Jessica’s memories begin to return, revealing her years at Harrow High and a past best left alone.


Author’s note: Fools of Paradise is fully written but needs extensive editing. In the works, as they say. When I finished the first draft, it was a 157,000 words huge. I’m paring it down, a steady diet of Slimfast and red ink.