Horror Ebook Keegan’s End

Horror Ebook: Keegan’s End

A horror ebook set in a swamp in Arkansas. Keegan’s End is a lazy, small town rich with hospitality. But it’s also insistent on its rules, as Kyle Manning finds out as he stumbles upon it when an accident leaves his car with a broken radiator.

For more of a description of this horror ebook, as well as a sample chapter, go here.

A Contemporary Horror Ebook?

In a word, maybe. Depending on the definition, contemporary can mean present day or any time after the World War Two era (in literary terms).

Keegan’s End has an intentionally vague time frame. There are few clues to when this story takes place, mostly because it adds more of a timeless element to this horror ebook. The town is, effectually, stuck in its own time era, anyway.

Horror Ebooks Avaialable

  • Keegan’s End – contemporary horror ebook (to be released 10/02/13)
  • Poppy’s Walk – contemporary horror ebook (Available at: Amazon, Smashwords)

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