About Writing Keegan’s End

On Keegan’s End, Horror Story


If you’re looking for a hack and slash type of horror story, this just isn’t it. The premise of the story is focused on the protagonist (Kyle Manning) trying to root out the truth behind the mysterious town of Keegan’s End. It’s a journey for him both in miles and character. He wants to peel back the town’s enigmatic layers, but in order to do so, he has to come face to face with his biggest monster: his own cowardice.

His fear is justified, as I reveal in the latter half of the book. And the way he deals with  confrontations, while lackluster, does have a driving force behind it; even though some of his reactions are downright childish.

On Writing Keegan’s End

While I do add elements that would classify this as a horror story, that certainly wasn’t the forefront of my mind while writing this piece. The backbone is the mysteries of Keegan’s End and Kyle’s revealing of those mysteries.

As for the writing style, I think the shorter, simpler sentences best matched Kyle’s personality. And with the story being told through his eyes, I thought that style was the best way way to deliver it. Not that Kyle is a simpleton. His view of the world is just direct and concise.

I practiced a lot of subtlety in this tale, and that was purposeful. I’ll leave it up to you, the reader, to decide whether or not I was too subtle. The story is entirely through Kyle’s point of view and he doesn’t get everything that goes on, but I’m sure that the reader will draw their own conclusions and be able to figure things out for themselves, despite him. I warn you, I don’t do a lot of hand-holding. But, hey, consider that a compliment to your keen intellect and sleuthing skills.


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