The Lazy Tree

content-3876216-DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL (1)Who would’ve known that that bent tree that brew outside Henry’s bedroom window would have such a profound impact on his life. And that one day, it would save it.

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Keegan’s End on Amazon

Keegan’s End is now on Amazon. Check it out here!


Poppy’s Walk Out on Virtual Shelves!

short horror story

Poppy’s Walk is now on Amazon and Smashwords. The Smashwords version is free, as is the version on Amazon, although Amazon is a promotional period until July 19th. I intend this short story, as well as the two others (The End of Allison and The Lazy Tree), to be free for public consumption, but Amazon has a price minimum of $.99. I’m trying to find a way to circumvent the minimum price so that readers can dine for free.